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“They put their boots on the ground, let's put their toes in the sand.”

Brandi Sue Tramazzo


Our Mission

The Brandi Tramazzo Hero House for Recovering Warriors (BT HERO HOUSE) is a 501(c)(3) organization that is saying “Thank you” to those who risked their lives for our nation by providing them with a place to recover and reconnect with their families.

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We are currently looking at new families to come and be our guests this summer. We have approached military installations for nominations and have already received responses to fill these slots. We are VERY excited to meet these new families and welcome them to ours!

Imagine returning from an active tour of duty overseas, anxious to spend some quality time with the ones you love, and then the phone rings. Without hesitation you explain to your family that your country needs you and you must leave… again.

A local organization’s mission is to give back time active service members wouldn’t normally have with their families


The Brandi Tramazzo Hero House Foundation on Marco Island gives military service members a week-long reunion with their families.

The Brandi Tramazzo Hero House Foundation wishes to raise money to purchase a retreat for our country's recovering warriors, offering them and their families a vacation to "Say Thank you" for defending our freedoms.


It is the goal of the BT HERO HOUSE to provide a much-needed getaway for active duty Service Members (“SM”) returning from long deployments.  Many SM’s immediately immerse themselves into day-to-day home life which can be stressful for both the SM and their family members as they readjust to every- day life.  

Upon returning from deployment, SMs typically get two weeks of paid leave. Unlike more senior military personnel who have the resources to pay for a vacation upon their return, the junior SMs may not have these resources.  The BT HERO HOUSE provides eligible SMs a relaxing location away from home to reconnect with their loved ones to reduce stress and ease transition. In addition, gift certificates/vouchers are provided for food, activities, and travel stipends.

Our ultimate goal is to acquire multiple “BT HERO HOUSES”.  These “BT HERO HOUSES” will serve as a year-round retreat for our country’s recovering warriors, offering them and their families a week’s getaway to reconnect.  It is our way of saying “THANK YOU” for all the sacrifices made by these men and women and their families.

Serving military families each year since January, 2016, we look to significantly increase the number of families we serve by acquiring multiple “BT HERO HOUSES”.  We recently acquired a “BT HERO HOUSE” in Blackwater, Missouri.  Our next goal is to acquire one in Marco Island, FL.

We have a dedicated staff who are all volunteers.  No one takes a salary.  Through annual fundraisers and your donations, we can bring more military families to Marco Island, FL and Blackwater, Missouri.

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The Brandi Tramazzo Hero House Foundation for Recovering Warriors
P.O. Box 146
Marco Island, Florida 34146


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